As I got to reflect what has happened to me, I discovered that although we do not know a long time, I have great confidence you my friend, because I really support and have been when I've needed.
I think you're a wonderful person , whom I will never forget.
You've always supported, as a great person, I hope that while the years pass you remain as before. You are very sympathetic and want to continue counting on you for always been there, how many times you've needed.
Although you are a friend whom he met, but a few months ago I want you to know I do not see you as a friend but more like a sister because you have given me so much ...
I appreciate all your understanding, affection, trust and above all, give me your friendship.
And above all this I can only thank you for the time I've spent, for your advice and your support.
You're the best! I love you!
Thanks for being my friend!

To my best friend

Thanks to Karina for this letter of friendship to her friend