Thank you so love
Thanks, then you were the best
You are so beautiful and tender
The one I love on earth
Thanks for being with me
Because my coat in winter
For giving me everything that you
I love you among women
Thank you for loving me
Thanks for understanding
Thanks for being by my side
Women just had not found
Thank you for what you give me
Never stop loving you
You're everything to me
I will love you to death.
Thanks for being my
Thanks for being my joy
Woman does not find the same
You are my perfect match.

Thank you for all
You are my life, my treasure
For giving your heart
Thank you for so much love.

I remember one time
I used to think back on
my life ever going to be
but it was not
because here you are by my side
you by my side
is the most beautiful
I did it happen
you by my side
is to transform my life
are the reason for living and my feelings
having you by my side
my world is illuminated
So please, never
stay away from me

Thank you Jesus for this love poem