I always wanted to turn my eyes to the eternal moment where dreams together, but you were lost in the noctambulism of your life, blinded by yourself, by your detachment to life, the good things that make us great.
I loved you silently from my balcony imaginary blindly believing in all your lies, yes, your lies, hide it well know, your wise deceptions handle well and had no other purpose than to hurt, and my tears but infinite and eager to quench their thirst in the splendor of your soul, knew beforehand that it was a mere fantasy.
I surrendered to the night, shining flash of loneliness when there was no other way than your scorn and then she appeared like a whirlwind infinite and courageous in his arms acogiéndome secluded beach and loved me, he offered me his tenderness dropwise stroked my soul wounds healed me, filled my heart with peace.

It was like being born again or revive from the ashes, it was like coming up from the dead a night full of candles and funerals, because she no words, no deceit, no subterfuge, made ​​me realize it was time to fly my flag, to undertake the road to the horizon and let the wind carry your memory.

Today there is more to thank God for His wisdom and understanding, because when I thought I lost you, I rescued a woman dumb, blind and without a body, shelter me in his hands, clear and invisible, left me really love her and she I loved the whole universe, not to die guided me, encouraged me to come and especially understood that all I needed in this world there was a woman like you, no, the only thing I ever asked for was love , but you do not hit my kisses were not enough for you my compliments, my commitment, my dedication and my respect.

You just wanted to play, you longed to be free, no strings of any kind and I then went for you a simple and silly adventure.


Duvan thank this beautiful and sad heartbreak letter .