My love , my beautiful warbler:
Hello my little precious, today on this special day you want to write and dedicate these letters that are more yours than mine a big kiss, a huge number 2 on your birthday ... better not say. As I woke up yesterday thinking of you with the greatest desire to be the first to greet you HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!

Yesterday I saw the sky flowed and filled my soul to be an exceptional day, now look like the paintings of the sun melt and portray your name here on the shores of my heart, this heart that beats to remember the caresses your lips and puffy clouds embrace my skin. I also see little by little are stained blue and the gray in one color, one soul, in one sense, the making of the heavenly host dealer brigade covering this my love for you.
It seems clear that only my love for you living, breathing just for you, right? But my lovely warbler, that alone is not enough to tell you you're everything to me, I need to tell you you're the reason I'm happy, you're the reason that makes me smile and dream of tomorrow where your hand is merged with mine and walk through valleys and mountains seen growing this our love above all dreams, because I know that my dream beautiful warbler is to remain always at your side.

Next to you my love, where I finally found my peace, my calm, my happiness, my queen by your side where most beautiful sounds are combined into one and when your voice is wet my dry lips and I feel breathing again, I feel like a gust of fresh wind and flood airs live my live my queen, I live because I found you, because you have to turn my life and make hope a reality every time I plunge into the serenity of your eyes , give me always the infinite ocean of color guards behind those beautiful eyes my queen, because without you I can never look and live, you are my sun and my sea latent, are the lake where the moon is reflected and makes night my favorite place to fall and give up before you.

I love how much more if you get to love everything my love? If only you knew that every morning you believe in my heart is conquered again and again for the memories I have of you, my love memories to this day are the most beautiful that I treasure in my heart. Give me time and again those kisses that bring me and lead me in this beautiful world where light and the moon escape through your smile, give me that look again and again where we combine the love and peace, my happiness, where you keep all this in my eternal love for you!
You're the most beautiful of all flowers begin to bloom their petals full of life, full of love. They are the symbol of a beautiful woman whose birthday is today and I thank God because he allowed was born on this day one of the most beautiful flowers.


Each year you become more beautiful.
Ever yours, mine always, always together.

Thanks to Julio Alfaro R. anniversary this letter