The first day I hugged
took me straight to heaven.

Do not know what to do
wished he never let go
and though I refused, I was starting to love
my heart cries warned me
which of you I fell in love.
While I was lying
deep down I knew
Does the reason for my lie?
fear of losing the beautiful friendship
between us.

It's time the farewell
and I watched tenderly
your face disappearing
in the dark night.
All night thinking about you,
feeling something that never
by anyone felt.
What is this feeling
I'm still shaking
and that every second
happened without you ,
killing me?

I do not know whether we
to be something more?
Now I have to wait
and continue past the days
I hope that my dream
to be with you
is reached perform.

Silvia Marina

We want the dreams expressed in this poem are met for Marina Silvia.