Honey, I know you missed and do not know how bad I feel about that. I ask you with this letter, apologies, my love .

I made ​​a big mistake but it was not mine was the girl, she does not know what my life.

Please forgive me! Not know how much I miss talking to you and tell you how important you are to my heart ... do not know what to do to excuse me?

You should keep in mind that my love was foreign to my will, the kids, you know not mean what they say ...! Deeply sorry!

Again I apologize for the girl and for me, Heberto Manuel, please excuse us. I hope that once you read this letter and see what actually my heart and soul feel for you.

I love you , you are the love of my life !

María Montiel

We thank Mary for that letter of forgiveness and the forgiveness we wish Heberto.