You're the woman that any man would have, but I am privileged to be the one who is at your side, sharing good and bad times. I know there are many things to improve on both sides, but I want you to know that the feelings I have for you is immeasurable, and that you know very well.

I question who we are and you answer: We are a couple who treat things very subtly and in all this time we've been together, we know, are poles apart but our relationship is no chemistry between the two, and this is seen by the way we understand and know cope.

We both know that within us they want our souls with such intensity that loudly ask you not to separate. The days pass and I love every day, the love that I feel for you no one would understand. One day I told no one crosses in the life of another person by accident. It is destiny that has prepared us something to them.

Every time I write a letter I do it with your heart and with all the love, affection and respect that I have, since I am a romantic, all my letters have the same meaning, except that in each I express myself differently, but with the the same love for you.

I love you P @ TTY

Atte. Mario Davila
We thank Mario for this beautiful love letter to his beloved Patty.