Today I feel this need to write that the desire to tell you how great my love for you will not let me quiet, somehow I have to say and I think that I will achieve everything that you did one day he was born in me.
It is not for you do not understand each of your words, by contrast, understood very well, it happens that I can not bring to mind and remember you told me not love me and feel at the same time as me immense cold shakes, as in leaving nothing like leaving no market, because that was how I felt ... but I know that you're not guilty of anything, I know you made me happy and that I will not erase from my heart never, even to pass the seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years and pass the time, discover that your indifference is growing.
But still, my love, I'm still tied to your name by clinging you were and you're the person who lit inside me a glimmer of hope is a light not want to turn that just imagine my life from now on without having more serious your love (which I never had) I do not know how to follow.
Only that you taught me to be a different person, I did it your way to your way of being and I miss you now and now I feel I have the void would be filled with a single word from you, for you taught me to live with it taught me to discover that a word is hiding many feelings, I wrote a book I did not say and express what you mean to me.
Lu, as they always told you you're my angel, that little person who nonetheless made my world something amazing just with your presence, to strengthen in every word and do not know how grateful I am for life for having made my life a being as wonderful as you, so special, so unique. I have a great desire to mourn and I did, but that nothing and nobody is going to get what you gave me long or that he is and that has meant for you.
A poem and a song is what I keep as the most precious treasure of my life, to which he remains forever, and I hear and I can not wait to hug you and tell you that nothing makes sense to me without you. He'll never return to me, is that you were honest with you and me, that what you said was because he knew what was best and I swear they understand and accept it, but I can not help but remember all the beauty you gave me. And stop loving you for that sacrifice if it would be the worst you could have, could not. Please forgive me if my love is not what you expect, if my love is not what you wanted, if I am not the woman you dreamed about, but I LOVE YOU I do not know if I say or express good or the best, but sorry it hurts me not to give it.
Still, I want to be happy that you made ​​me happy for me, you deserve the love of any woman and you're going to get. My love for you is what gave me the certainty that life surprises you and you have to let you wonder, is the step I know you came to me without warning, you came and you stayed forever, giving me every day shared a number of to smile to get to live. Going to cost me to let go of this feeling that not only can I not but I do not want to, I think makes it so difficult to live if the light of my life.
I find it very difficult to think of living without you, Luke. I love you my love.
Even if you're with me I'll always have you in my heart because you recorded it with fire.

Thanks to Romina LU