When you left I was thinking about me. I could not forget what you told me, I would not be right if we stay together after this relationship, but for me it would be a thousand times worse if you forget the pain completely.

You're the first, and always will be. The first thing I loved and the first one would give me heart. I'm always thinking about you, about how you'll be and what you're doing, I remember your scent and wonder how is the taste of your lips. I can not forget your embrace and want to relive it again.

Neither distance nor time will break the love I feel for you. You deserve to be happy, you deserve someone who can give you more than I can, but I think this hurts.
Although I know that nothing lasts forever, I hope it lasts a lifetime, if possible, and you want.

The moment of being together is something fleeting, compared to the thousands of hours I hope to see you again. No you do not know what would become of me, maybe I would be dead, but you've saved me from all evil and I can never thank you enough for that. I'm glad I found you and have you in my life.

Thanks .
You Already
We thank Luciana for this letter for your love and hope to continue much time together.