My love,
This time formalities forget my words to flow freely, because I want to capture in these lines that I carry in my soul and my mind.
Only love you so great that I could give you the card you sent, intended to write something different and I love me here, madly in love.
My love, where you'll take with me and your words are a balm to my soul, sincere and full of tenderness, are your sentences the happiness of my life through the distance .
Remember me, feel me and love me, that separation is not an impediment if the heart unites us ... I try to write something nice, but I do not know I'm doing with my sentences, your letter reached the bottom of my heart and I still ask the embrace, how unfair it is sometimes heaven love me.
For the heart burning with love, and skin for your absence feels cold, the soul has to know you love me and tells me that your love is, and always will be mine.

Hey my love ... I'll stop writing because I can not answer your letter, your love and your tenderness removed my nostalgia and faith and hope filled my heart.

With all my love ....

Your husband.

Thanks to Edward for his love letter