I know you like to receive my letters , which gives you joy, you get my sentences with an open heart, but maybe my last letters do not have that joy. At least this time we are investing in improving the relationship, I do not deny that it is difficult to address certain issues sometimes. It is pleasant but I have to. There are moments and moments of silence to speak, and now not a question of silence is a matter of putting it.

I do not want my love that we walk in circles, always going through the same place, and then the same problems, the same frustrations, the same mistakes and the same limitations. You know what I mean ... you have to break the cycle of harmful repetitive patterns and habits that we may be able to go beyond ourselves, our limitations and circumstances. We must continue fighting hard to keep the relationship afloat. I believe that great and I fear we meet a number of difficulties. Sometimes we are saying indelicate things, and I personally am very susceptible, fully responsive to the small details. If we are more emotionally stable can express more cautious about certain issues.
You know that I am often "enfurruscada" and with a frown. It may be too ironic and not stand in the discussions that I respond with subtlety and sarcasm. I will not always give my love, this is a quality that is not me. And then the mania to be silent things, irlas stored inside, these small but annoying details, until the relationship as a bomb explodes when least expected. That truly frightens me.
Although ours is not very stable, sometimes we have not known what the other wants and vice versa.
I do not want to give back false starts, I try to understand you know, do not know about you, but I want to protect our relationship all the difficulties that we can live together. To deny that we're never going to have differences and is a total lie, do not want you to feel prevented think the worst, no. On the contrary, we have a future as a couple wide and that's what I want to take care of.
I think that as we are clear and well defined as to behave in various situations, we will be very helpful. There is nothing that a couple both like having to resolve conflicts together during difficult times.
Many times, disagreements, and a barrage of problems have tested our relationship, but I'm not as strong arguments for not intend to give the reason as a madman, that does not fix anything.
I love you ... you're the man that God gave me as a partner, you've learned the most important lessons of life , with you and only you would be able to beget children we have. God assigned me an honorable role in the family.

I am very proud to have taken my responsibility, I am your add, your partner, I was created to be just the helper you needed, I am part of the divine purpose for you, for my partner, have children and care for them. I have made ​​clear that God gave me a place in the family worthy of great responsibility, without waiting for praise or recognition I can say it was worth it.
A strong family is built on sacrifice and work. Pay the price my love, strive more. All you want easy and you miss your selfishness all away. Pretend happiness on a silver platter, but is happy only when we contemplate the fruits of their own efforts.
Do not throw down my judgment and make mistakes. I can not even pretend to bother you with this letter, that as time is full of feelings. Throughout the tangle of ideas in my head is spinning your memory dear. Always present ...
Well my love, now I say goodbye, get a lot of my affection, but in simple terms, here's my love to your hands ...
Receive them because they are my gift of love.

Your Heaven.