The man of my life is you,
You have given me love ,
That love had never found
You have given me passion,
That passion, which otherwise had never found,
You are to me, the best, what I had so longed for,
You're handsome, you're cute, you are what has me spellbound,
You are my life, my great treasure longed
Those beautiful eyes,
That mouth so pretty,
That smile you have, only mine, pretty little thing,
My precious, do not go,
You are mine, do not forget,
You pluck me sighs,
Do not let me into oblivion,
Do not forget that I exist,
Do not leave me without your love,
Love me just a little bit,
I beg you please
Are you my reason,
My joy of life,
If you go love of my life,
I forget to smile,
Well never had,
A man so beautiful,
So cute, sweet and great,
As I find in you,
You are everything to me,
All beautiful things and beautiful,
You are my king, my precious,
You are my beautiful man,
I can not live without you,
That if you let me love,
Well, you go back to conquer
But do not let go,
For without you I want to live,
We conquered again
In my mind you I have a strong presence,
Whenever I have you in my mind,
In my lips the active
Always me, always on my mind,
In my heart always present,
You are my love, you are my life,
My eyes so beautiful,
Light eyes, very precious,
A beautiful mouth,
Mine certainly completita,
It fills me with kisses and caresses beautiful,
A beautiful face is the man of my life,
You do not forget mine,
We will continue to fight my love,
For one like you,
Never again it finds,
Do not look for another woman,
I love you to me,
If you go on my side,
I'll die without you,
But trust me my love,
You will not let you go,
You keep looking,
As far as I go,
Sky, sea, land, whatever,
But I swear my love,
That will bring you next to me,
I will keep with me,
Your kisses and caresses,
In my body I will,
What you do not my wrath,
My sighs ever have,
My mouth, words and body, always have,
I love you my sweet Juanita,
You are mine, my sweetheart,
I shout from the rooftops,
That this man of whom I speak,
Callus not now and never,
May I say your name,
For it is mine and not deny it,
Well my man is you,
My sweet and lovely man, Juan Carlos Turner,
That you are mine and I love you,
Never leave you,
May your love I will fight,
Beside me you always will have,
I swear heart of you I never depart,
I love you and forever you and I said some time ago,
Never leave me and I said well,
Me and you seal it, seal it with a kiss
Then came more kisses, more love every day heart
You and I will not separate us,
I swear heart
Beware beautiful little thing,
You want for myself,
So, so cute and beautiful,
As provided by me,
Wait for me please
Do not leave me never,
Ways that trigger love,
Do not separate yourself from me,
Well you know I buscare
And wherever I find you,
Swear to me you bring,
I am yours heart
And you mine my love,
And you and I pretty little thing,
Together forever by the same heart.

Thanks to Monica for this love poem