My love , it hurts not having you at every turn.
Without thinking I fell in love with someone wonderful, unique person that makes me feel more special that may be on the ground.
I need you like the air we breathe, each of your touch made ​​me understand the meaning of the word love, because ever since I met you and I first felt your embrace so full of tenderness I knew that God had put in my way to know true love.

It hurts to know that with whom you share all your time is a person you do not love, because I've said that you love and love me, that every kiss you give it and when you feel the love that you're actually with me.

It is not easy for you the situation, but no less painful for me to imagine it, and every gesture of affection that you bring in the soul hurts.
Sometimes I wonder who am I to feel your mistress and I can only answer that I feel this way for the immense love I have for you, this love is making me mourn too much, but just imagine it will be an everlasting love every tear bear be shed before have you forever.

I love you every moment of my life, because you are my life and I can not live without you.

Thanks to Nina for this letter of love so sweet and yet so hard