The love of my life is gone and I suffer this agony. If he knew that the pain that I caused his departure.
I love what you've done to me? I am loving and you know it, you've wronged me live for you, but I think of you and I like to feel, to love, to infinity, further from the stars.
I see your picture in a dream and I'm happy, you are my hope, my life is totally yours. Remember, I gave you everything without reservation, you are the master of my anxieties, my feeling is you who makes my imagination.
I love you dearly and I can not avoid this unbridled desire toward you, which leads me to break the rules and everything is just because I love you. I want you to come back again and open my arms waiting to welcome you in my lap.
Awaits your muse who loves you.

We thank Musa and we want your loved one to return with her.