When I live all your days in the same way, I can not understand you. Your strength is a sand castle and turn it up to you. Would move clockwise, I quickly open your eyes shut, so the days can pass without noticing; Strange how I'm changing.
I feel something inside me that pushes me to trace the moments and emotions that I am living. I dedicate this letter he loves as I love, a wonderful feeling, and I say:
-Ama Differently each day.
It express your emotions.
-Capta Every slightest sign of someone who loves you.
Which you do not have to regret what you have not done in time, then you no longer can.
And if there are problems give her a bouquet of flowers or a book and tell looking into his eyes:
" I Love me. This is not the end of a bad period but the start of a new story with you, more solid, more real, a thousand times larger than the first. I love you ! "
We thank Ciro for these thoughts and advice about love.