A colleague and I during the two years of working together, we had
a little displeasure. During the course of that hot afternoon I could not stop
thinking at the time, because instead of feeling angry, I felt increasingly
more attraction to this woman older than me.

During the following days, I was very affected by what happened,
we met each week at the exits and entrances
shift changes and because of that disgust, our relationship was much closer and there was a bond of mutual attraction, not very clear to define but very strong, I admit I
completely fell in love with her.

Then on vacation, she went to Cuenca (Spain) because
there is where she lives with her husband. My farewell was affectionate with all the pain of my heart. .
I mourn someone saw me in the locker room; I began to remember even more in love with her.

How can
get to feel a love so real, emotional, strong, paranormal, pure, with
someone who not only five months left? I thought of my despair.
I spent one of the worst summers of my life, where I suffered and cried.
I took refuge in the solitude of my room and broke to mourn, had a
depression unavoidable.

This love was a very personal feeling and decided not to tell anyone.
As a married woman, I will not get in your life or in your
marriage, this companion is an angel, except that
would do anything for her and make her happy, I must restrain my impulse and passion.
Yes I wish I could send a clear message, that at least my
conscience and mind are relieved a little:

Honey, I miss you , I need you to my
hand, the reflection of your eyes is my dawn, my light your eyes, your smile
my joy and happiness my peace.

I love you to distraction and are everything to me, but I do not want to interfere in your life. But nothing can stop the clock think of you, my platonic and impossible love.
Your crush
We thank crush on this beautiful declaration of love to your beloved.