I'll tell you how I met my boyfriend .

Both profess the same religion, and one morning I went to church
to a class that was on the second floor and, coincidentally, the
also rose.

It was for a brief moment we connect our eyes! And for now, that was it.
! I wanted to go back to find him!

Again we met again, and during the church service I spent a chunk of bread they gave me. But I was very curious to know more about the boy who looked at me with those eyes ....
! Things I wanted to know more!

The third time we met was at a Congress, it turned out that a
simple "Hello" we fell in love!

I searched on Facebook, until I found it.
Then we talked for a long time, sometimes for hours. As we liked each other a lot, we started our relationship on the 8th of February.

We spent days and unforgettable moments.
And we 15 wonderful months together

! The Master!

We thank to Esteffany Lopez for her letter about when he met his love Congratulations!