Thanks to God and life for allowing me to meet you, and you for letting me be with you and give you my love
not have you and feel your absence hurts me ... but more important is this great love and feel sorry q, q pq is great pure feel sincere unlimited tender moments filled with cute cute Love you remember much, I miss you . You are tender unforgettable .. I love you beautiful treasure for siempreMi today I woke up with a lot of encouragement .... and wants to be ready to give lado.Me Animos your breath, your words of love pq tenderness encourage me up the morality my self ...

write pq stop mourn I feel like I'm crying pq your absence hurts me a lot .. pq pq I need without you my soul tears come soon ... love .... I hope you q

Thanks to Nelly to send it to us and sharing their love

Romantic letters