Sincerity is not something we expect from others, is a value that we should live to have friends to be trustworthy ...
To be honest we try to tell the truth, this seems very simple, but often costs more than you think.
It uses the "" white lies "" to hide anything for us is silly, but actually the person you lie you hurt, and this little lie that initially we are nothing becomes more and bigger until the truth ends and surprising knowing who lie.

Sincerity is not only in words, but also demonstrated through our attitudes.

When it appears that we are not (in age, work, friendship ...) tend to appear what one is not (younger, intelligent, educated ...) If it is discovered the big lie that would have us believe we are coming to reminded of the saying: "" Tell me that boast ... and I will tell you that you lack "" and then there is a great disappointment as they lost hope of what the person really is.
Also indicate that "" say "" always the truth in words is a part of sincerity, but also must "'act'" according to the truth.

To be honest take much "" touch "" and this means that when we tell people the truth of what we think and uncomfortable this truth we must use the words, the correct expressions as the first purpose is "to" help "" that person, and this is necessary for the person to hear and see what it says it is with good intentions and no offense.
Openness also requires courage because the time to tell the truth to a friend or a friend for example, not telling the truth can not say it does not justify losing a good friend or the concept we have of the person.
The honest person always tells the truth at all times, although it will cost, without fear of what people say. Since surprised to see us while we lie is even more shameful.
To be honest assure our friends, we are more honest with each other and also with ourselves, becoming trustworthy people for authenticity is in the way we behave and our words.
As we grow older, sincerity should be increasing and should become a staple to live our lives fully and with genuine sincerity.

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