Every time my lips pass through your skin, do so carefully because they are moments where I work to capture all the love I feel for you ...
And you know why I do it?
For the moments where it is not with you, your skin is bound to renew the love and fill you in moments of solitude.
I here you there, it is true, are a few kilometers to be killed and eaten when it's dawn in my awakening this your sound in the rain as she witnessed many memorable moments, or to say of those songs danced ...
Do you know?
One day I closed my eyes and imagine the moment in which I could kiss you and describe you that way so you wanted to get caught with your caresses, your eyes and especially with the way you love, a love as accurate, simple and make it fit to what my eyes see you one day;
When I opened my eyes and you were there, you had me in your arms, skin to skin, so what really naked were and wanted to be: each other, which were gradually loving whole nights talking to looks and signs that guided step by step what should happen ... Your hands roamed my skin burned slowly burning desire and I so much pleasure in flames, until finally exhausted to the destination and what mutual love condemned us to do.
It was like traveling, we lit, warmed, sped, and fren√°bamos mile a minute, there were thousands and thousands of miles traveled, miles of happiness, passion, pleasure and above all LOVE, not even compared to the miles that separate us now "distance" for happiness, passion, pleasure and love are still more alive than ever.

I love you fdavid

Thanks to Carolina for this love letter