Today is a special time for the person we want and we want to spend much of our life, if not all. Thus, for me every day is special since I met you.

The day we had very scared because I did not want to fall in love after bad had happened before. Still I decided to risk once again and meet you.
Since that time when you came to talk to me, everything was different, something happened that I returned the smile and joy that had for years without feeling. You do show me the way I am, without having to hide anything. I have restored happiness and make you forget all the bad moments of my life.

When I'm with you, you make me feel good, I realize I'm not alone, I have someone beside me who keep going. You're the best thing that happened, you are the prince whom she had always dreamed of.

I know I'll never have a way to thank you for all you do and have done for me, and that the more you give thanks not going to change anything, but still want to. Thanks for always being there at all times unconditionally, thousand thanks for encouraging me in the worst moments and for being by my side. Thanks for existing, and for being you, hopefully not ever change.

I also apologize for the hurt and suffering I have caused you some time. Above all, I want you to know that if ever I make you angry or feel bad in some way, I do not intentionally. Many times I do things or make decisions without realizing that I'm not doing well, and that there are people who really want that have a hard time with all that and more I try to remedy and make every effort to never let anything happen, there are times I can not help.

This letter briefly summarizes what little time we have together, but if you write it is to say I love you, you are the best and most important thing that has happened in my life , and I'd be always at your side to prove it and give you the best moments you may have.
Only to see you smile and have fun I'm the happiest, but I have fear of losing one day. So I want to live every second by your side as if it were your last.
I love you, my life.

With this letter Amparo Valentine