At some time when I did not know anything, did not understand my reasons and sky was gray .... My tears flooded my soul drowning in desolation. An unexpected day with no one plan will nunk knowledge and imagine that maybe shy quiet child lansan arrows to my heart .. I saw you as one common, normal ... eventually descucbri the reason why my heart faster Latia of the ordinary was you, but it was way too late .. that significavas be something for a special to me, try to hide my feelings but it was impossible tii ... I thought you wanted to see your q as to know another person I ever imagine FUECA q!

But my heart jumped with excitement when your sweet lips came words expresavan your feelings towards me .. was then a new sense q conocii still not feeling like q desifrar with me and that every day is bigger than just a feeling you belongs to you ..
I love you and I know you know like q, grai by aver achieved so many nice things in me, nunk forget that you are in my heart ... And nunk you turn from me.
Thanks to Nathaly for send it to us and for sharing your love