Every morning when you wake up you need , you have become indispensable, thanks Jared, because every second increases my love for you. You are in every second of my day and make me sigh. Each morning upon waking only think of you, you are in my prayers, in my dreams, every desire, you are.

Every morning when I wake up is more eternal wait to see those eyes that fill me with life, faith, and hope in the future, together.
Each morning upon waking look forward to the second that you look at my face and say hello and hug me and take me in your arms and my soul fleet.

Each morning upon waking feed my life, full of energy, full of passion.
Every morning I have a wish that in future, every morning upon waking you are here and the first thing you see upon waking are these beautiful eyes of yours that fill me with peace.

I want what every morning upon awakening, be very soon, my love, Jared!
We thank Cristina for this beautiful love letter to Jared.