I am willing to wait as long as necessary. but if you want me to stay away I will, first of all like you're well, but not before I tell you what I feel.
I know you hate me, I know and do not hold grudges. I've done things that are fair to bother, but I'm sorry , I just wanted to express all that I have hurt sentía.Si, if you have bothered if I have not heard a word, if I failed to say it, if I hurt your heart, if you breach your hope, if you hesitate, if not caught one of your feelings, if I was not faithful to your joy or chase away your sorrow I did not know if I was disappointed I apologize, just trying to love you. They react very badly last night, I fought to have no idea but it's not useless silent write what I feel is beyond me through the pores ...

Not only are the words ... is more than nice things to say or write that you are born, is more than giving a detail to please the person, are not just words ... it is more than a poem that was written long ago and that is given to the person who brought back that feeling.

You can not forget. can not, because you're part of my sentimientos.no you can forget it and not know it was love ddjar to remind ... xq not you been so deep and so hard to get you now.

When would imagine I could love someone like you in such a way?

That you are ... A character who has entered this cartoon that even I know what will be the end ... of which I hope someday I can meet and find the end of this reason that strangely attached to you and me constantly and every time I kills ... I hope you have something in mind that you mean a lot to me, you're in my life the most beautiful happened to me and if I lose I is not gonna happen conmigo.No want you to think I'm a girl just not how to act when I'm with you, when I have you near, all you want is to listen to your heart because it is the only one who is right.
You are close while you're away, what did I do?. I try to understand you know, I know treat. I want to make you happy every day with you, and even if you were not next to me just as I would like your happiness.
Why live in me, I carry in my skin, I would like to start this pit to not feel the bitter pain that stops me your absence ... That pain that leaves me knowing that you do not feel as I do right now ...
Do not let me walk alone, without you lose the love , I shall be guided by the sadness that clouds my eyes with tears. Do not leave me alone, I will not be mistaken way and shall find happiness.
But if I say no, will not you deserve, you do not want my love and that love was a dream now wake up with pain.
But do not tie it to my heart, because I let fly, so that from the top you can choose what is best for you. Happy would be if I come back to choose between everything around you, but glad to see you happy if it is not me you decide to choose.

With mazi