By these words coming out of your mouth that make me feel I'm alive, when I thought I was dying, he would never raise his head, when I was in the depths of the well of bitterness, just thinking that what was living had no solution, when I first heard that you want out of your sweet lips mouth saved your musical notes seemed more beautiful in the world.

When I first felt the touch of your skin against my skin, when you wake up in the morning to give you a kiss goodbye, for wanting to get home to see you, to kiss you all over again, to re-listen to your heart a thousand times telling me you want, for supporting me in my decisions, tell me what I did right when I realize, for eating to kissing, to dry my tears, for hug when I needed it most, to laugh together, your look full of life, for making me believe that I am the only person in the world, through all this I thank you.

With this letter I'm writing just for your heart and for you, I want you to know me a little more and you know my feelings for you. So you know that while you're away you're inside me that every passing moment you are in my feeling, in my mind, and especially in my heart, because when I close my eyes I smell your skin.

Yesterday we were in the car towards Algeciras and at one time when you started to touch my face, your hair danced with the beat of the wind caressing my skin, and your eyes were fixed on my eyes mirror girders, these moments are what I can not shake of the head, I am of those who do not promise gold to win someone's heart.
And or I am of those who only promise things they think they can deliver on their promises, as I told you a few days ago do whatever nobody ever treated me with so much love as you, no one ever looked so much for me, no one has been able to tell me as many times you want in a short period of time as you do it.

There are things that I have told very important to my life, and if I have told you so quickly is because they trust you, he is not going to betray me, he is possibly give your life for me, and all that we have to do together.

AZAHARA is the name of my only love that exists in the face of the earth, AZAHARA is the alarm clock of my senses and my feelings, AZAHARA is what keeps me fighting every day since I met you, AZAHARA is the name of my feelings , is the name of my heart.

I love you, my love.

Fernando for Azahara