To prepare an outing with your partner you must use your creativity, taking into account their tastes and interests. What you prepare to be attractive, entertaining and fun for both.

Outputs or getaways

A romantic weekend at the beach, in the mountains, in a house, prepare a picnic, horseback riding, a night under the stars and watch the sunrise. If you like art go to a museum or concert or in general any show that you know you'll like it.

Going out to dinner at a restaurant or prepare a meal at home. Prepare special details in the table. You can prepare sushi, which is simple.


A beauty treatment, a relaxing massage in a Spa, a mud bath or chocolate.

Adventure sports

Offer a game of bowling, skating, horseback riding, biking, tennis, climbing a zip or alpine rope, a day in the snow skiing, racing cars, paragliding, surfing, diving, bungee jumping, golf, balloon ride, jump parachute, try a sports car on a circuit etc.
Go to a good race cars, motorcycles, bicycles, a football game, football, basketball, tennis.


Whatever you do is good to use your creativity to show your partner that you love him. Sometimes it's better to hit a small detail that buying an expensive gift that is to your liking ( gift ideas here ).
Remember that the most effective way to make your love to know what you feel is through a written letter, poem or message.
If you write something, you can send us to be publish and everyone knows how much him / her want you there!