Your love came to me at the time of greatest need, is a sincere love, a love given and without reservation.

I know what you put into play, you suffer these distances even more than I do, that each passing day it becomes harder not being able to hug, kiss or not being able to feel our bodies, but I also know that what they feel about each the other grows stronger and makes us who we are united by an invisible bond that binds our hearts by making them merging into one.

My life will tell you you're making a mistake there who loves you, that this is a mistake, but I know your decision and know that if you put in the balance of love that you offer there and what I offer the balance will tilt my hand, because the love that I offer is sincere, real, tender and heartfelt.

I love you and that's all I can tell you ...

Thanks to Oscar for this heartfelt love letter