Here I want to thank you for everything , my child, because from the beginning you were with me, I always have always supported, because we started out as friends, we like cousins ​​and we have finished falling.

Beside you understand what it is to love and be loved, thanks to you I smile again. No you do not know why you are my life, all I need. I do not want anyone else, for me and no other.

As much as I dislike you, YOU are all I need. Because when you're not with me, I feel alone and empty, I feel I'm missing something and when I speak I realize it is not something but someone, YOU.

We little as a couple (almost a month) but if we add it to friends, took about 3 years old and you put up with me daily.

I LOVE YOU , you are MY LIFE AND MY LOVE ! and that will never change for me

You are my first love and I am proud to be you why I do not see or want to see me with another one but you.


Tere for Ivan

Tere We thank for this beautiful letter of thanks for your partner Ivan and wish them years of love.