Do you remember that summer day when we first met? Remember your first kiss? I remember like it was yesterday.

I love you !'re the man I always dreamed of and never thought to find, and it has been for seven months. Today I want to tell you you're the love of my life, without you my life would be meaningless.

You're the only man who makes me happy and makes me smile just thinking about your name. While you're away, remember that separates us from the bodies but never our hearts because each passing day I feel so close so far away, because every day that passes I love you more and more.

Thank you , my love for making me happy every day and for showing your immense love!

I know we've been through tough times, like when we wanted to separate, but they did not know is that our love is true and whatever happens never will.

I love you and I never tire of saying it! Thank fate for get in my way and I've had the good fortune to fall in love with you because you are perfect, because you are my dream, because they simply are forever my love and desire. I love you and I will love the rest of my life!

Soon I'll make it, by this time apart.



We thank Fadila by this letter to her lover