Love, I am writing to tell you how I still feel for you, so you know I still I love you and to ask you to give me a third chance.

I want to start by telling you that I love, that I have never stopped loving, sorry for this nonsense that I hope I forget.
I would like to continue telling you though you left me for another, I never got angry with you, just thought surely I was, a fault of mine, or directly like you stopped.

And I'll end up asking Do you want to return a part of my life? Know that maybe it's too soon, or you do not love me, or you found another love, or all at once.

I do not know! But I promise that if we take our relationship, I'll make the happiest guy.

I hope you think what you suggest if there is still an ember of love for me in your heart, and answer me.

! miss you , my love!


We thank Kitty and want a positive response from his beloved