Tell me what to do to forget, if your memory lives on in my heart, if I think about you every second of my life, it is impossible to forget all experienced, can not get you out of my head, every moment was wonderful while it lasted.

I risked everything for you, knowing you were still in love with someone, but you told me you loved me me and I was able to forget that. I put all my effort, I gave you my whole life, and nothing helped.

A gray morning, dark, lifeless, I saw the love of my life I was unable to do anything about it, I saw you with her, and you were so happy to meet her eyes ... Then I saw my world collapsed I felt empty and discovered it was all a farce, I cheated, just played me. You can not imagine the tears I shed on my pillow, whispering your name.

People told me, to fight for your love, but I eyes filled with tears and with our heads held high responding, I love him and want him to be happy and if your happiness is with another person who is with her, one in love does not have to be selfish I love him and want him to be happy, my feelings no longer mattered, you were my priority.

Do you know how unpleasant it was to see that another kiss your lips, lips that had been mine, that I bought lips the world. I felt I never had imported, seeing as I'd forget so easy and I dying inside and with a fake smile on my face hiding my feelings.
It's been three long months but your memory is still intact in my mind and my heart. Elusive every relationship, for fear of suffering and if it kills me inside, I realize that what we term the day you wanted me out of your life.

No hard feelings and I want you to be happy , I wish you the best in the world, although I have borne every minute of my life.

I want to be happy and find what I found in you: True Love
But, despite everything, still I love you .


A beautiful love letter Anthonela whom we thank you for your beautiful words. Sure you will find the love of your life very soon.