Why? Why do not you let me love you? Wait there's something wrong, the question may not be that ...

Start again, why do you want? Never understand, I know that started some time ago, was born in a small thorn in my chest and until recently I had not realized that what I felt was a love immense.

It is something that is not that words are not enough but my heart and understand it, is like a nightmare, but here there is no monsters or beasts, we're just you, me and anyone else? Who can be? I do not know is it scared? I do not think, I've never afraid to think I can be with you.

Perhaps you regret? Why be in love and committing too many follies? Why or love to the end until there is more than two, until the universe we do little to promise to keep all the kisses in boxes of 1 millimeter?

Sorry, I do not know why but I refuse to believe it.

I think I have it: disappointment. What word so pessimistic. Unfortunately, although my heart says no, I'm wrong, I think you think that if we stay together all this passion is over, you think that our eyes among the people will not be as special as far corner and no longer be hidden places to fulfill our dreams.

But despite everything I still believe that love is the greatest and most beautiful thing that God gave us and that is above all. That is above all, I mean even people who talk behind their backs and are capable of destroying love and dreams of destroying years of happiness to whoever you want most.

Love is very difficult to define, some people say that love is nonsense, that does not exist, it is only an obsession ... can be, I'm not the one to judge, but I know who thinks this is because it has never in love. I doubt I'm in love I think of you another minute, minute ... I can not take away also of my mind, I write your name with the look and I see no occasion to wish you. You like the light that wakes me every morning ... I think you are not there but I could not live without you, you look like a rock hard and insensitive ... but I know that with effort you can make the best of you.

Comparisons could continue until tomorrow and not worry that none would be bad.

I wish I had begun to love you before, as long as you were indifferent to me was lost time when nothing made sense and now I've realized it's true that the loss is when you realize you needed it so much. I, silly, and I can not see you.

Right now I'm writing and I get the words without thinking, only your face I can imagine spending hours writing ... I guess my body crossing your eyes, your hand touching my back and go crazy ...

I've seen it, yes, with that girl that you walk, just know by sight but I'm sure that does not love you ... do not ask me why but I noticed it in his eyes ... I was lost looking for that person that truly understand.

Not that you only go to be happy with and that I am the only person who understands you, I just want to say I'm the only person who really loves you and wants you, he would give his life for one kiss from you or a glance ...

Reading and rereading without more words that express what I think what I feel is strong, very strong that destroys all that is put in front .... I want to see yet I hate you, I want to stop suffering immensely ... but I love God and I can not think, you're so far away ... not even suspect that when I look at it because I miss you. I miss and miss you, I kiss you and feel ... but I want so many things that even in my wildest dreams fulfilled.

So I finish telling you I will try, try it night after night, morning after morning, try to forget. Although I know that only the distance will get at least plug your memory.

I love you ...

Thanks to Lydia for this wonderful letter